"Winter Night"
"A Beaver Home is Special" by Meish Goldish for Saxon Phonics
"Animal Friends" - for Houghton Miflin
from "Annie's Shabbat" by Sarah Lamstein, published by Albert Whitman
from "Did You Write Grandma?" by Jean E. Cox and J. Lyn Fara
from "Did You Write Grandma?"
from "Did You Write Grandma?"
"Malinali: The Slave Who Traded Words for Freedom" by Vicki León - Mondo Publishing
"Pablo's Tree" by Pat Mora - published by Macmillan
"A Birthday Basket for Tía" by Pat Mora, published by Macmillan
from "A Birthday Basket for Tía"
from "A Birthday Basket for Tía"
"Celebrations"  - Silver Burdett Ginn
"Windows to My World" - Ligature
"La Sopa" by Elena Castro - Hispanex for Scott Foresman
"The Best Vacation Ever" by Diane Hoyt Goldsmith - Kirchoff Wohlberg for McGraw Hill
"Short for Estrellita" by Lilian Rose - Harcourt Brace
"A Birthday Basket for Tia" - Macmillan
"A Birthday Basket for Tia" - Macmillan
"Dance the Flamenco" - Kirchoff Wohlberg for McGraw Hill
Three Dimensional Work
"Mermaid" 3 Dimensonal Sketch
"Jam" 3 Dimensional Sketch
"Big Dreams"
"Dreaming" 3 Dimensional Sketch
by Cecily

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Growing up in the “City that Never Sleeps” is probably the best place for a nocturnally wired kid.
My earliest experience of art was with crayons, colored pencils and markers. Drawing with the “stinky markers” was a treat because of the intensity of color they produced.

My color sense goes back to a costume I wore as a four year old. I eventually spilled so much chocolate milk on it that, despite numerous washings, a new chromatic range was born. I am happy to say I no longer drink chocolate milk while working.

My early art exposure was comic books, museums and, later on, galleries.
To me figure drawing was essential. It taught me a sense of design and the importance of negative space. I attended my first life drawing class at the Art Students League, still one of my favorite places.
I learned to observe people outside of class more closely: their faces, clothes, and ways of moving- thus seeing that everyone has an unspoken story.

I find tactile pleasure in working with cut paper, it's both flexible and graphic.
I focus on conveying an image that has something unexpected in it. When I feel I’ve done this, and the art director is happy, I’m happy…simple.

Much of the subject matter I particularly enjoy is reflective of multiculturalism and mythology. I try to add a mood or mystery to these. When I work on more literal themes, I try to add a playful element which fits with the theme.

Slowly I am developing another body of work which is 3 dimensional. It involves lots of layering, painting and glue and is extremely absorbing.

I feel very glad I’ve lived, seen and worked with some very talented people in other places. It has also given me the bonus of having friends in different time zones.

The most powerful forces that have drawn me back to New York are the variety of people and the feeling that the “kitchen is always open.”

When you are hardwired for night, that’s a pretty basic requirement.

Cecily Lang


212 580-3424

Education: Graduated from San Francisco State University with B.A.in Art.
Studied drawing, printmaking, painting, illustration, production and animation.

Clients include: Mondo Publishing, Allyn-Bacon Longman Publishers, Northern Feather, Universe Cards, Westvaco Corporation, CCI, Peanut Magazine (IBM), Foothills Shopping Center Tucson, Children’s Television Workshop, WNEW Radio, DC Heath, Addison Wesley, Holt Rinehart Winston, Meetings and Conventions Magazine, Family Circle Magazine, CES Publishing, Macmillan Publishers, Houghton Miflin, Harcourt Brace, Medical Economics, Simon and Schuster/Aladdin Books, Libros Colibri, McGraw-Hill, MKR Design, Carbone Smolan Studio, Hispanex, Reading Adventures, Silver Burdett Ginn, Michaelis Carpelis Studio, Pearson Education, Ligature

The Netherlands: PC Magazine; Intermediair (VNU); Fieggen Huese and Partners; OHRA Insurance; Psychologie Magazine; Multimagazines.

Animation: Assistant Animator for: The Notorious Jumping Frog of Calaveras County (The Learning Garden Studio); The Silver Whistle (Filmfair); Space Ghost (Hanna-Barbera); Paradisia (Marcy Page); segments of Oh God, Part 2 (Fettucini Studio).

Books include: A Birthday Basket for Tia by Pat Mora; Pablo’s Tree by Pat Mora; Annie’s Shabbat by Sarah Lamstein.
Other books include textbooks primarily for language arts

Exhibits: “And Peace Attend Thee” (N.Y. Cultural Center as well as other U.S. locations); First, Second, Third and Fourth Annual Dimensional Illustrators and Awards Show (Art Directors’ Club, N.Y.); Literary Excellence and Enrichment of Cultural Heritage (The Border Regional Library, El Paso).
All images ©2011 by Cecily Lang. Permission must be sought in writing to use in any fashion, thanks.